Saturday, 8 June 2013

CFCLA CF4412 and CF4411

On my way to uni yesterday I noticed a special CFCLA train waiting at Central platform 1.

 CF4411 in the usual CFCLA livery.

 Star of the show: CF4412 in a special livery based on it's namesake 'Black Caviar'


 The locos began to run around the train. Of interest is on the stainless steel exhaust (?) cowling there are little 'Hot surface: Do not touch' decals. Good advice.

CF4412 was creaking and groaning as it negotiated the points; I'd say it needs a good run-in.

The livery is actually quite attractive, whoever designed it has done a good job on the colours and layout. 

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  1. The stainless steel cowling you talk about is the dynamic brake resistor grids, where the energy that has come from the traction motors goes to be disposed of as heat.