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Broken Hill 11 March 2015

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Last March I was in Broken Hill for a few days for work, and happily I had the chance to do a bit of trainspotting (actually it was my first real time trainspotting). Broken Hill is a great town located almost literally in the middle of nowhere. The entire town has been heritage listed to preserve the character and history there.

Luckily for me also Broken Hill is very active for a variety of freight trains passing through at all hours of the day.

Not long after I started, a Whyalla-bound steel service passed through with NR95 and NR84 on the front.
NR95 on point; note the LED headlights

NR85 in Southern Spirit Livery

RQBY wagon (unknown #) with a 40' Royal Wolk box

RQFY 130R(?) with an orange and a grey Royal Wolf 20'

Unknown RQHY wagon with two RH 'butterboxes'

RKLY 20439-U with butterboxes

RKLY 20990-W

RKLY 20823

RKLY 20512-R

RQFX 241 (?) with two blue butterboxes

RKCX 178J with a nice looking tarped load


RKKY 7372-L billet three-pack

RKWY 30-D (?)

RKWY 2542-H. Wonder what those white X's mean?

Repainted RKDF 20266S

RKKY three-pack

RKKY 7349-E

RKKY 7314-E

Railset wagon RKAX 6J

Empty RKWY

RKWY 2957-W

RKOX 18X (?) missing numbers

ROOX 2936U

And again...


Obviously there were many other wagons which I didn't include here.

I hope to be updating the blog more often with both models and the real thing.


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