Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pacific National 1WB3 Steel Train - Normanhurst 19/02/2017

Went spotting up at Normanhurst in Sydney's Northern Suburbs this afternoon. 

I managed to get the video camera in time for 1WB3 steel to pass with NR18, AN7 and 8220 up front. 

The train consisted entirely of jumbo coil steel loading and steel coil in 'butter-boxes'. 

NR18 up front in Indian Pacific Yellow and Silver.



Trailing shot of the locos.

 RCQF wagon up front. 

RQIW wagon with coil containers.

RCQF wagon.

Another RQIW wagon. These wagons are turning up often.

VQCF wagon with coil containers

NCFF wagon (formerly NQFF).

RQSY wagon with an interestingly tarped load.

RKLY butterbox wagon.

RQTY wagon (foreground) with an RKLY wagon.

RQMY wagon.

RKLY wagon.

NQTY wagon. 

Another NQTY wagon with blue boxes.

VQFX-type wagons on the rear.

Link to the video:


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