Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Paint Shop

Since starting this blog I have been inspired to continue on with projects which had been ongoing for some time.
I now have 4 wagons ready for the paint shop, two of which are handy because they will be in similar colours.

 Another RKWY wagon; I'm undecided whether I'll do an AN green or ANR red variant. Either way it'll be heavily weather and be loaded with power poles (Auscision Models)

 RKQF (left) and RKPF (right); these will be a heavily weathered gunmetal colour (to the extent the gunmetal won't be very visible). A side note is the RKPF is a great looking wagon, the mesh deck looks great. The only aspect I don't like is the Kadee 70t sprung bogies, the springs just look to coarse. I will see how it turns out after painting and worst case I will change them over to other Kadee 100t or the Bergs no-name brand of 70t bogies.

Lastly, another RCQF with blue cradles (something different?). At present the cradles aren't secured to the deck, I may glue them on prior to painting.

I will post updates once they are painted and weathered.


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  1. She's very pretty! I love mixed media, too, and want to experiment more with it in future. Thanks for the inspiring example. :) candy paint