Sunday, 12 May 2013

NPRY Update

Another quick update, I have finished detailing the two NPRY's I got from AR Kits. 
I did decided to replace the ladders after going past Clyde on numerous occasions and deciding the metal etched one looks much better. However I did away with the soldering iron and used super glue instead. With my lack of brass soldering skills this was better and much neater than I had achieved before.
I also added:
  • Uncoupling bars
  • Side handrails
  • The rivets on the ends of the wagon behind the coupler bar. (little brown dots)
Overall I'm now very pleased with their look, and next stage will be painting and weathering.

 The ladders look much better now.

Here's a comparison with and older (~5 yrs) standard NPRY and the detailed one I've just finished. The photos don't complement how much better they look. Eventually I will upgrade the Freightcorp one to the same standard. 


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  1. I have two PRY kits on my workbench that I'm going to start soon, detailing to same level you have done. What did you use to replicate the rivets on the ends of the body?