Thursday, 4 February 2016

4502 and 4528

A quick post to add for Broken Hill; sitting alone on the edge of the yard were a sad looking 4502 and 4528. I believe these were to be refurbished as part of the 45s class, but it never eventuated. 

At least the environment in Broken Hill is not aggressive like near the coast, hopefully preserving them until such time as they see service again.

4502 (front) and 4528 in grey.

Both locos abandoned on the outskirts of the yard.

4502, all things considered the paintwork isn't in that bad of condition given its age.

4528, again the lack of aggressive electrolytes in the atmosphere helps to preserve the locos.

Sadly, the likelihood of these locos returning to any form of service is remote; there are already two 45 class (4501 and 4520) in preservation, plus a number still in service (in some form or another) around the country, plus others that are in a similar situation as these.

Still we can always hope to see these ALCOs back in action one day...

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