Monday, 8 February 2016

Sydney Bound Freight 12 March 2015

There was plenty of opportunity to train-spot around Broken Hill.

This Sydney-bound freight came rumbling through the town before lunch:

NR67 leading.

A true Big Dirty Freight Train...

Profile shot.

NR93 as second unit.

The weathering on these locos is fantastic.

Single well unit RRWY 6002-B.

Five-pack container flat RRAY 7180-R.
More platforms of RRAY 7180-R.

Classic NSW PTC-era 60' flat, RQSY 21857-X.

2CM bogie of the RQSY.
80' RQJW 60044-T.

Another 60' flat, RQBY 21915-L.

RQJW 21958-U.


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